I haven’t neglected you. I tested positive for COVID-19 and it was a horrible experience. I couldn’t gather the energy to do anything. Some of the smallest things like laundry or watching something was impossible. I spent the first few days bed bound, in and out of sleep, drinking water and going to the toilet. A whole 14 days over Christmas and new year I was out of action.

I couldn’t make beats, I couldn’t write, I couldn’t even practice Español. Basically… My whole life was on pause.

I had to just kick back and respect my body needing to…

I watch things like Small Axe and find my blood pressure rises because all these years later a lot hasn’t changed. Archive footage will tell you the same story.

Before Brexit because a thing again you’d find the same debate on a Kilroy show in the late 80s to early 90s.

These folk play the long game through policies as if they were playing a game of American football and advancing a yard at a time until they reach the end zone. Check Friedman vs. Keyes, a battle of ideology which was fought over the course of the 21st century.

I caught Ls upon Ls trying to enter raffles for all pictured

The game is effed.

I tried to wade upstream against the current as pride and price didn’t allow me to enter draws and raffles to catch Ls.

I’m deffo an old head that still lives in the glory days of obscure online independent retailers and lesser known stores dotted through the city.

Nostalgia is a strong force of nature, so much so that I cast my net in the perpetual abyss of limited supply at a stupidly high price in hope that I reel in a prized catch of some of the finest silhouettes and OG colour ways that tell…

The OA-Ops

Old people are annoying!

They never keep their distance and almost always seem entitled to invade your personal space at a time in history where the world has to stay 6ft apart to remain safe. Can someone tell me why they always wait until it’s too late in the checkout process to start looking for coupons or checking why something weren’t included in their special deal?

Old people are annoying!

The same chunk of the population that won’t be alive to experience the fuckry of an aftermath from the Brexit vote, are the same ones who cut off our nose…

Khalid Omari

Writer and Podcaster, 0800yofam.com operator.

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